Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mix of cultures.

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Blue, yellow, turquoise>white

What do you see when you look at this ornament? 
A folk inspired colors? maybe indios, Maya?

Or maybe Norwegian style pattern and design?

Does it look a bit preppy? The 90's with united colors of Bennetton, Ralph Lauren...

I love getting inspired by all kinds of styles and periods and then mix them all up. 
Now, I can see this ornament fanhing from a very unconventional Christmas tree, but also as a colorful window decoration.....actually they are so much fun, you could wear it as a pendant from a necklace.

Whatever you feel like - Enjoy it!

And make sure to have a look in my shop to see my different designs.

They are all unique, as I decide spontaneously, just as inspiration hits me, how each piece should look like. Sometimes this is a process over hours as I lay it by side thinking it's ready....but looking later at it I feel like extending the design. 
Well, it also happens that I am not happy at all and decide to polish it all off and start over again.

Not only the paint, but also the disc itself is handmade by me.

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