Wednesday, January 9, 2013

French Cliché No.2

I find it always amazing when my international friends come to visit me in France and everybody (especially the ladies) remark the French women. No offence to French men, but the ladies do attract attention. First and foremost all say "They are all so chic!" Elegance is definitively a cliché in the sense that it can be seen all over in the streets. But what is elegance?
So what do you picture if I would describe a friend of mine as 'typically French girl'???
French women are for me comfortable in their femininity without overdoing it. I found some pictures that hit all the spot... which one do you like most?

1) Urban princess. Tender colors, playful girly but not too much.
2) Miss France. OK the hat is maybe a bit too much cliché-ridden, but the rest of the outfit/Make-up is soooo French as well. Simple but accentuated and really not girly.
3) Country beauty. Again soft pale colors, not much make-up but richness in style and romanticism.
4) Femme fatale. I don't think any words are needed here...even the term is French and known all over the world in all the different languages.

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