Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interiors for my products No.2

It is time again to show you in what kind of ambiance I see my products in. Naturally those are only examples of how a small business owner and creator sees her little brand.
Those interiors are examples I found on Pinterest and you will find their original links on my profile.
All products can be found for purchase in my Etsy or Meylah shop and if you have some special wishes for alterations, let me know, I am sure I can find just the thing for you!

Scandinavian minimalist mountain design mobile in a white interior.

on a darker background Scandinavian minimalist mountain design mobile


Scandinavian minimalist iceberg design mobile. LIMITED EDITION

Spring flower puzzle. Bright Scandinavian folk design wall art. 58pieces
If you want to see some more previews about my new collection, find LaNiqueHOME on facebook for daily news and updates.

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