Saturday, July 6, 2013

The melon diaries #1

A garden is a beautiful thing to have.
I would love to have a garden. I would have a fruit and veggie part...

would be a neat veggie patch idea
and since I am a 'foody' I'd have a wall of herbs
...and then, of cause a part to play and relax. A green area for the kids and a patio part for the adults.

oh, and heat resistant driveway greenery like this

Unfortunately, I am a bit a lost case when it comes to tending to plants. So I know I would need some serious help. So that is the reason I am so excited about the latest development on my balcony. A melon plant appeared and I have now TWO watermelons growing. This plant must have come from the small compost I cultivated last year and used on my plants this year. If they make it to an eatable stage, I'd be so thrilled.

P.S.: find all links and sources of the pictures shown here:

No1 is just a few days old but already on  a good way
7" or 17.5cm

No2 has appreared yeseterday and is just grape sized - for now!

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