Monday, September 9, 2013

bAck tO bLack

In fashion 'the little black dress' is considered as something "that always goes".
This fall there is a new trend in interior decoration to dress your home in a little black something.
There is a fine line between black looking elegant and imposing, depressing and/or gothic. Bright, light flood spaces are needed to create high contrast. And last but not least you need to be bold to paint a part of your home in black, because, although black always coming back into fashion it also means it it will be "out" for a while and in the meantime it has a hard time to mix with other colors.

Small nooks  can be wonderful black focal points.

 Just a beautiful, maybe less dominant, but maybe more expensive is furniture in black.

So I guess accessorizing is the easiest and cost sensible way to 'trend-up' a home.

I have been working on some designs that I want to transform into real projects... but I don't think I will get to it before 2014. But here a bit of a sneak peek:

>>> Find all links to the pictures shown on my Pinterest board "bAck tO bLack".

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