Sunday, September 11, 2011

The story behind: the white butterfly mobile.

Mobile, 18white butterflies, fabrics and ceramic

It is a warm, sunny late summer day and I am enjoying the warm temperatures of the Mediterranean here in the south of France.
It is peaceful and it is the day after the 10year anniversary of 9/11.
I remember where I was this day this morning. 19years old, the little babyboy of my American host family on my arm I picked up the phone and I had my host mum on the line. Frantic noises in the background and her trying not to sound too freaked out she tells me: "Nicole, things are going mad! We are under attack. America is being attacked. They will try...." And I remember being confused and only wondering how come she is calling us, she is supposed to be on the plane, a business trip.....
My host dad took the phone from me, trying to calm his wife down who was crying by now. Trying to get some more information from her he only got only as confused as I was. WHAT WAS SHE TALKING ABOUT? The connection broke down and the three of us were left starring at each other not understanding what was going on there.
We decided to walk into the living room and turn on the TV. And there it was. World-Trade-Centre/NYC. One tower damaged and smoking....headlines saying something about an airplane crash. We stood there in awe, in our PJ's. With the baby on my hip and I said: "Wow. Look at that! Hollywood is getting truly amazing. It looks sooo real!" and my host dad just nodded. Then we saw live the second airplane crashing into the second tower and the trance we were in fell of with a BANG!

This was not Hollywood.
These were no special effects.
This was no animation.
This was happening for real!
My host dad turned and kissing the baby he said: "Mommy loves you, son!"

10years later I live in France. 29years old, I sit in the garden in the sun. It is peaceful. And I am just grateful.
"A brilliant day! I will be productive today. I will be creative and make something that is as quiet and lovely as this day."

>>>and I start working!
Here the results:

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