Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why is handmade so expensive?

Trying to make a living from products that you manufacture yourself is though tough business. And in times of economic crisis it is natural that we all take a closer look to our expenses. So if you can buy a t-shirt at H&M for €4.99 why would you spend for a similar one €40.00???
The answer is: cause it is NOTHING like the one from the big brand.
If you buy from a page like Etsy or Dawanda you go for a treasure hunt. You browse through stores, read profiles and discover items that you would NEVER find in a big store.
Why not?
Cause they are made with love.

Yes, LOVE!

You find a shirt, pants, jacket, bowl, mobile, piece of jewelery etc. and you get into contact with the person on the other side of the screen. You can ask questions, you can make alterations, you can customise and then you get it send. This thing you buy, someone will sit down and make just for you. And most times you can honestly say: there is no second one like this!

Voila, that is why you are willing to pay more. But that doens't answer the question why it is so expensive, does it?!

Well, if you have a minute or two and really want to know in detail how our prices are composed, have a look here:

A wonderful, passionate little discourse about the daily life of a microbusiness.
Or as my lovely Etsy collegue WimscalWinston put it: "When you buy from a handmade artist you should feel proud to support real people." 
Amen to that!

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